About Us

My name is Ryan, and I am the founder of 420Singles. I am a long-time recreational cannabis user and fully support the legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis use.

While working as a night security guard on movie sets in Hollywood, I came to two conclusions: first, working nights seriously limits a person’s social life, and second, guarding the catering tent for hours on end is mind numbing and involves a fair amount of down time during the pre-dawn hours of the day.

The solution was to spend my lunch breaks on my computer, working in the backseat of my car, creating a dating site that would bring people like me together around our acceptance of cannabis. That primitive site has evolved into 420singles.com and its companion Android and Apple mobile apps.

Who are “the 420 Singles”?

My vision is to reach the dating community of anyone that accepts the use of cannabis and supports its legalization, not just the hippies and stoners.

There is an entire community of us out there, including industry leaders such as Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, who have openly supported its legalization, and John Mackey, CEO and founder of Whole Foods, who has said that he could foresee selling gourmet cannabis products in his stores.

420Singles is a place where all of us can meet up freely, based on our mutual appreciation and acceptance of the herb.

What sets 420Singles apart from other dating sites?

Traditional dating sites are all about connecting people with like interests, but too often those connections never go beyond the online chatting and messaging stage. The difference between them and us is that we inform you of upcoming cannabis-related events in your community, making it safe and easy for singles in the cannabis community to meet offline.

We go “Beyond Buds”: We go beyond cannabis and online conversations to bring singles together on a higher level.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.