Smoking Weed And Playing Video Games

Smoking Weed And Playing Video Games

Smoking weed and playing video games is awesome. Nothing beats it. Gears Of War, Halo or World Of Warcraft, whatever video game is your favorite, each player does it for one reason. To be transported. You’re sitting there high out of your mind, you’re in another world, a hostile world full of aliens who want to vaporize you and your species. You are Earth’s only hope at conquering these beasts. You take a huge rip of your bong, controller in hand, you dive into battle guns blazing, one, two, three alien guards obliterated. You can finally take back the spaceship and drop a payload on the alien basecamp. You saved the city, you’re a hero to the people.

You begin to wonder. You wonder why video games are so awesome, how computers came to be, how technology came to be. You begin to research computers. You are taken into the psychedelic trip that computer science really is. You wonder what it all means, you wonder how this universe came to be, the molecules and atoms which make up existence as we know it. Was this solar system constructed? Did it really all just happen by accident? Did Gods really make this galaxy? Do they have technology that can build universes? You wonder why, why this all is. Are we part of a game? Are we not even really here right now? Is the soul the eternal player of this game?

I begin to wonder things like, is this universe simply a video game world created by Gods. Engineers. Architects. The evidence all points to yes but our collective mind won’t allow that possibility. The collective chooses to live in the distractive world we surround ourselves in. Is that the point though? Are we supposed to not know while we are here? What is it?

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