Choosing The Right Weed - Indica vs Sativa

Choosing The Right Weed - Indica vs Sativa

There are two main types of Cannabis, Indica and Sativa, many people don’t really care what type there smoking but this simple knowledge of the differences between indica and sativa can completely change your life for the better by choosing the right bud for the right time.

The first difference is that both types grow differently,  The sativa plant grows tall and thin vs indica which grows short and wide.  Both types of plant produce different amounts of the compounds that get you high and these compounds affect the body’s cannabinoid receptors in different ways.

There are also strains knows as Hybrids which are a mixture of both indica and sativa.  Some hybrids strains can be indica dominant and some sativa dominant.  Having a hybrid allows people to enjoy the benefits of both plants.  You really need to spend time finding a good Hybrid for you because everyones body is different and reacts differently.

Effects of Sativa

Sativa doesn’t affect the body as much and tends to be more of a head high. This is great if you need to keep your energy up and your mind active. The effects of smoking sativa also do not last as long as smoking indica.

Why smoke sativa?

  • Creative Thoughts
  • Staying Awake
  • Better Focus
  • Uplifting Energy
  • High Wears Off Quickly

Effects of Indica

Indica affects the entire body and gets you really high. Indica is most likely where the term washed comes from and the effects can leave you feeling really sleepy and give you extreme munchies. Grandaddy Purple is a prime example of indica and is known worldwide for its ability to get you super stoned. I wouldn’t smoke to much indica if you have to get a lot of work done or if you get easily paranoid.

Why smoke Indica?

  • Reduce Body Pain
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Feel Fully Relaxed
  • Cure Headaches
  • Get Super Duper High

Which ever type of marijuana you end up smoking remember that you probably don’t need to smoke as much as you think to get high.  Most people will keep smoking until there high and by that time you have already smoked to much and your wasting your weed and your money.  I found out that I only need one or two really good hits to get high if I just wait it out.  The key is to let it kick in and work it’s way into your body, sometimes it can take up to 5 minutes or more.  Getting to high to fast will leave your mind feeling cloudy and leave you feeling washed and tired.  Smoking more than you need to also increases tolerance so you end up having to smoke more to get high next time and in the long run waste more money.

Save your wee and money, just take a few good hits and let it ride.

Here is an informational video regarding Indica VS Sativa

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