Here are a list of 3 awesome must watch Marijuana documentaries.

1. 420 Marijuana Documentary

This free to watch marijuana documentary covers new scientific breakthroughs in marijuana research. The film starts out in Israel, the Marijuana research capital of the world, and interviews Rafael Mechoulam, the grandfather of Marijuana research who began studying Cannabis in the 60’s and started Israel’s push to legalize medical Cannabis. If you didn’t know, Israel has a Medical Cannabis system much like the legal states do in the US and people can get weed from the local medical dispensaries. Rafael claims that not much research has been done on Cannabis because it’s so hard and research is blocked by laws. Rafael claims that his work is funded by the U.S. Department of health though, so it is possible claims Rafael.

The video also has other reels form various news sources videos and is filled with information regarding the medical benefits of Cannabis to treat ailments form Parkinson’s to curing cancer and goes in depth to explain how Cannabis interacts with our bodies Cannabinoid receptors to heal and restore.

I would say this cannabis documentary is a great one to watch and take notes on, it’s filled with all that info you want to know.

2. The Culture High

The Culture High is one of those movies that changes the way you see things and brings to light many of the reasons why cannabis has been illegal for so long and who’s profiting the illegal status of Cannabis. It really goes into depth on how the U.S. has created a “War On Drugs” with it’s main focus being Marijuana, which they know is completely safe, causes no deaths and is used by millions if not billions of people worldwide everyday. It clearly shows you how the justice system uses Cannabis to boost it’s profits all around from salary bonuses to federal spending increases, not to mention the corporate prisons that are making boat loads of money of innocent people being used in a money game. the Culture High will get you pumped up to get out there and vote.

3. The Union

The Union is a Cannabis documentary that gets into the history of the Sale and distribution of Cannabis in America from the past to present day. The movie explains how Cannabis is still a booming industry despite it’s illegal status and will continue to be forever.


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