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Is smoking too much weed bad for your health? After using cannabis for over 20 years I think I’m fully qualified to answer this question. For me the answer is yes. The main reason is that like anything, the more of something you put in your body the more your body has to process it. Depending on what that is and what it does it will have side effects. A major side effect of consuming cannabis is the dent it can put in your wallet. That’s probably the biggest side effect consuming cannabis honestly. Having no money leads to stress which actually is extremely harmful.

Using to much cannabis can lead to paranoia, lost motivation, becoming cloudy, tired and never feeling on point. The fun and mystical side to using cannabis becomes lost, smoking weed becomes a money draining go nowhere vice. The Type of cannabis your using has a a huge impact on your experience as well such as the thc percentage, whether it’s indica, sativa, indoor our outdoor. What your using to smoke like vape pens, vaporizers, concentrates, bongs or blunts is also a major factor in how you will feel.

Things like vape pens and vaporizers have a much more concentrated form of cannabis than smoking just the flower by itself, so you can almost always assume that using any type of cannabis concentrate will get you way more higher than flower. The three most popular forms of concentrate are oil, dabs and wax. If your not familiar with the difference in vape pens and vaporizers. Vape pens contain cannabis concentrate in the form of oil. A vaporizer actually vaporizes the cannabis flower itself within a chamber. Dabs and wax are simply concentrated forms of thc extracted from the cannabis plant using methods like butane or carbon dioxide. The first time you try dabs or wax it’s amazing and feels great. Over time your tolerance will go through the roof though and you will eventually just start becoming cloudy and tired.

Vape pens are becoming hugely popular as of recently, even more so than vaporizers. Many people enjoy the hassle free experience vape pens have to offer. It’s also a guaranteed good, clean high without the smell. Vape pens are a great way to save money too since you can usually make them last 3-4 days and that’s if your a regular cannabis consumer.

For me. I have to find ways to tolerance break myself and CBD vape pens offer that alternative. I’m old school too, I miss those days of getting high and actually having a magical experience.

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  1. 420ItalianWeapon

    October 10, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    Fuck no! Smoke up

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