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Sometimes you just know when tonight is going to be “the night.” You’re ready, your date is ready, and the timing feels right. By the time dinner comes around, you’re probably having to stop yourself from lunging at them from across the table while avoiding screaming when you tell the waiter, “NoThankYouJustTheCheckPlease!” before he can start to read the options for dessert.

But don’t start unbuttoning just yet. There are some things you should be thinking of before you get ready to do the deed.

9. Wrap It Up

By far the most important thing before sleeping with someone new is that you have protection. Make sure that you’re prepared. Bring condoms with you, so that you’re prepared no matter whose house you end up at.

8. Keep Your Confidence High

Make sure you have something hot to show underneath your outfit. A black bra and thong combo is sexy and classic. But lingerie doesn’t have to just be something you wear. According to Adam and Eve, there are options for men that they might not have known about, including “mesh thongs, satin boxers and package-enhancing shorts.” This allows guys to make more of an impression when they strip down, too. Just a hint of some silk boxers peaking out from the top of your shorts is sure to give your potential mate a one-track mind.

7. Clean Your Place Up

The Huffington Post listed a messy place as one of the biggest turnoffs in a relationship. You probably won’t decide on where to go until after dinner—romance and spontaneity and whatnot—so make sure that your place is cleaned up beforehand. A filthy bathroom will have your date heading for the door before you can kick your shoes off. Make sure the bed has fresh sheets and that there aren’t any lingering smells from dirty dishes, old trash, or pets.

6. Clean Yourself Up

No one wants to hook up with someone who smells like mildew from not showering and wearing yesterday’s shirt. Go the extra mile and make sure you’re well-groomed from head to toe. Shave, style, scrub, buff, and wax whatever you need to. Girls, put a little polish on those nails for an added touch, and guys, make sure yours are trimmed.

5. Don’t Scare them Off

Try and keep the freaky stuff at bay for the first time. Leave the toys, porn, handcuffs, and any other adventurous things you have in the nightstand for now. You need a chance to get to know one other as you are before adding extras into the mix.

4. Break Out the Good Weed

Just like with #9, make sure that you bring some herb with you, so that no matter whose house you go to, you’ll both be able to enjoy sharing a bowl afterwards. It will make the night all the more special for them if you bring one of their favorite kinds.

3. Make Wise Food Choices

You don’t want to be bloated on burritos and you don’t want to be rushing to the toilet after trying Indian food for the first time. Stick to something a little lighter to ensure you’re up for a good romp later.

2. Know When to Go Home

The Frisky rated overstaying your welcome the next morning as one of the top ways to ruin the experience of the night before. If you’re at his place, understand that a night between the sheets doesn’t mean your name is going on the mortgage anytime soon. Grab some breakfast together and then give one another some personal space.

1. Don’t Freak Out if They Don’t Call Right Away

If your date doesn’t give you a call the day you leave, that’s perfectly fine. They just saw you in the morning and everyone has things they need to do. If you’re not comfortable making the first move, give them a few days to get in touch with you first. If you haven’t heard from them in a while, they could be just as shy about reaching out, so send a message their way. Whatever you do, don’t immediately overload them with calls and texts. You don’t want to appear possessive or needy. While it may seem like a lot to remember, the most important thing is that you have fun. If you prepare ahead of time, you won’t have to worry when things start to heat up, leaving you to relax and enjoy every minute of it.


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