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So here is some quick cannabis industry news that is exiting for all people who consume cannabis as well as those who are investing in the cannabis industry. Several cannabis stocks are making headlines as the stock to buy when it comes to cannabis. Cannabis is set to become federally legal in Canada come October 2018 and the corporate world is jumping in head first.

One of the company’s getting the most attention is Tilray(TLRY), a company based out of Canada who grows vast amounts of high grade cannabis. Some of the other stocks are Canopy Growth Group(CGC) and Cronos Group Inc(CRON).

Investing in the actual cannabis plant itself is a safe bet because everyone from consumers to business owners need it to survive. Whether your selling brownies or buying brownies, without the cannabis plant itself, your straight out of luck. I can tell you right now cannabis shops are running out of products and weed all the time. Half the time I go in to buy my favorite cannabis gummies they are out.

As far as what kind of products you can make and sell for people to buy, the market is limitless. Everything from bongs, vape pens, grinders, vaporizers, edibles, papers, etc. The list continues to get bigger every moment. CBD is also taking the market by storm and many people who don’t even smoke weed are turning to CBD in order to enhance their lives. CBD is derived form the cannabis plant minus the thc, therefore it doesn’t get you high but you still feel great.

The cannabis industry is growing like never before. Maybe you have some extra brownie mix and a few hundred dollars to buy some weed. Never a better time to start a brownie company and jump in. I’m telling you now is the time. The Federal GOV is going to legalize it within the next 5 years no doubt. Most likely sooner. Jump on in and make that money!

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