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chemdog weedAs a man with asthma, I have to say my favorite weeds to smoke are number one, Chemdog, then Jack Herer, Trainwreck and Sour Diesel. I have heard from the budtenders and marijuana doctors that these herbs have broncial dialaters in them and can be a good choice for people with asthma. I’m not sure what in the weed does that but it seems to work, especially with Chemdog. Usually after a hit of any other kinds of bud I am coughing, my lungs hurt like hell and shortly after I get an asthma attack and have to resort to using my inhaler in order to survive.

For some reason the Cannabis strains Chemdog, Jack Herer, Tranwreck and strains close to these have what I need to keep on blazing and breathing free.

I just took a few big rips of Chemdog and my lungs don’t even hurt, they actually feel better and a I got a cool soothing sensation. This is a huge blessing for a guy like me who thought his smoking days were coming to an end.  This may be what I have been searching for all these years but could never pinpoint due to the overwhelming selection of high grade bud in Northern California.

I’m not saying that smoking weed with asthma is good, it’s not and if you have asthma you need to cut back a lot and master your high in the edible game. You should also tell your doctor your smoking weed so he can properly tell you about the effects. Personally I know I will always blaze a joint, burn a bowl, and take a dab but I have to keep it in high moderation and smoke the right bud. Smoking the wrong bud with asthma can be life threatening, especially if you get an asthma attack and don’t have your inhaler.

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