So you met a girl you really like and she seems interested, maybe you even made out or had sex and then she drops the bomb and says “I’m just not looking for anything serious right now”.  This sentence has paralyzed men since I’m guessing, the beginning of humanity, when she says this, don’t flip out, play it cool and most importantly start forgetting about her immediately.  Continue to be her friend and hang out but only super super casually, and don’t forget to make you and your life your first priority, don’t sit there all day thinking about her, planning your next text or where your going have your honeymoon, remember, your in lust, not love, lust can turn into love but over time.  Guys and girls sometimes fall in love way to fast and this can destroy you emotionally and physically.

If she says she’s not looking for anything serious it may be because she doesn’t want to be entangled in someone right now, she could just be looking around to see what’s out there.  You may be head over heals in love but she’s just not.  She also may have just gotten out of a relationship and doesn’t want to jump into another one with someone she’s just not that into.  Keep looking by all means, keep dating yourself and see what else is out there.  If your looking for a healthy relationship then pursuing someone that’s not interested is the fastest way to get your heart broken a thousand times over and go crazy.  Instead, take this as a blessing and enjoy your time together, after all, theres nothing wrong with going on flirty dates and having casual sex, you may find out that that’s all you really wanted right now too and you may thank yourself for not pursuing more aggressively.

If you two have been dating for a few weeks and you feel really strongly for her but feel like your trying to hard to keep the chemistry alive then it may be time to stop contact and see what happens.  The worst is when your thinking about her all day while she’s on Match chatting with other guys and setting up dates.  This is why it’s important to keep it moving and continue dating, you need to find someone who likes you the same as you like them, don’t let someone that’s not into you ruin your confidence or destroy you emotionally.  It’s not fair to push her for a serious relationship either by making her feel guilty about the casual dating and sex, after all, she told you at the beginning that she wasn’t looking for anything serious.  Maybe you thought, yeah I’ll agree to those terms while hiding the fact that you were planning on marrying her.

Eventually as the weeks go by you will get over her, it wasn’t meant to last and that’s fine, you had a great time together and probably got some great sex out of the deal and the best part is, you don’t have to worry about any of the problems people in relationships face and can continue on with your life as usual.  If you haven’t bombarded your new love with texts and calls then chances are she’s gonna keep you around for some midnight fun if you know what I mean.  Over time if you keep your cool she may end up liking you a lot more and see you as a guy she doesn’t have to worry about displeasing all the time and can just relax and live life with.

All in all hearing the phrase “I’m not looking for anything serious” can either be a blessing or a curse depending on how you view it.  In my book it’s  a blessing, it’s like a mini relationship without all the bullshit, just good ol dating and casual sex.


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